The Elapse EP is out now on Bandcamp for free download! Make sure to have a listen to the full EP and feel free to grab it if you enjoy it. Thanks for all the listens and support on Solaris!

Elapse EP coming tomorrow!

2017-08-27 15:08:18 by state8

I'm happy to announce my forthcoming EP, elapse, hitting Run On Recordings on Monday, August 28 (tomorrow!)

The whole 4-track EP will be a free download, feel free to grab a copy if you enjoyed Solaris or any of my work. Thanks to the Newgrounds community, you guys have given me the most support so far!

Shade EP out now!

2017-05-16 22:08:40 by state8

Hey guys! My new EP Shade just hit Run On Recordings for free download. I have already uploaded a track for preview here on Newgrounds, but now you can download the whole EP for nothing! Grab it here and enjoy!:

I appreciate the support so far!

You found me!

2017-05-10 16:07:36 by state8

Hello everyone, just in case you didn't read my bio I am a budding electronic producer that loves to dabble in all sorts of styles, usually along the techo/IDM area but I like to branch out with what I make (maybe I should learn consistency). If you enjoy my work feel free to check out some of my other sites such as Soundcloud, where you can hear one-offs from my various albums, or Bandcamp, where you can download any of them for free. Thanks for visiting!