Entry #1

You found me!

2017-05-10 16:07:36 by state8

Hello everyone, just in case you didn't read my bio I am a budding electronic producer that loves to dabble in all sorts of styles, usually along the techo/IDM area but I like to branch out with what I make (maybe I should learn consistency). If you enjoy my work feel free to check out some of my other sites such as Soundcloud, where you can hear one-offs from my various albums, or Bandcamp, where you can download any of them for free. Thanks for visiting!


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2017-05-10 17:06:30

Hello. Welcome to Newgrounds, home of the best flash games and independent animation. Please read the forum rules if you havent already to ensure you won't cause any trouble. You can always contact a moderator or an admin if there is a problem. The community hopes you enjoy your stay!


2017-05-13 23:04:46

Hello and welcome to Newgounds: the trash heap penniless technology hippies like us hang out, enjoy your stay with fun things like... watching halfway decent flash animations or reading endless Geometry Dash comments on music!